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Creative Arts

Performing Arts



Dance focuses on choreography that incorporates different dance styles. Participants are encouraged to develop their sense of rhythm, learn methods of stretching, and explore the art of choreographed dance (although some attention is paid to free-styling). Dance is designed to be a cooperative learning environment in which everyone gives input on style and choreography.


In voice participants learn how to care for their voices and advance their singing to the next level. Through practice of vocal technique, both solo and in groups, they learn how to manage breathing, improve diction, and develop tone quality and range.


Design Technology



In Fashion Design, young people learn to create their own clothes and accessories while learning about illustration, pattern-making, sewing and garment construction. The class also touches base with fashion vocabulary and the fashion industry.

Graphic Design and Video Production

In Graphic Design and Animation, youth learn how to use Photoshop to create their own graphics for flyers, logos and what it takes to make their own logos. Inexperienced youth will acquire basic computer skills before learning how to use the design software.

In this class members bring their ideas to life in a fun and creative way by learning to use the video camera to express their ideas and imagination. This class focuses on basic video production terminology and techniques, such as camera operation, editing, creating soundtracks and applying special effects. Projects have included stop motion animation, movie trailers, self portraits, video poetry and documentaries.


Music Production


The Music Production members use current technology to show youth how to create original music from scratch by splicing and/ or sampling. Musical focus is on hip hop, reggae, reggaeton and R&B. Youth will learn how to listen with a critical ear and analyze and explore the parts of the song that appeal to them the most. In addition to recording and editing music, youth practice rapping, freestyle and writing skills.

Movement Squad

Movement Squad is a focused group for ages 14-19 in charge of promotions and event coordination. The purpose of this group is to develop leadership, and collaborative work in a team environment. Movement Squad will work on happenings like; OPEN MIC NIGHTS, TALENT SHOWS and other events, which happen at Movement City

Open Mic

Open Mic is an event that will happen once a month where individuals will have the opportunity to express themselves through spoken word, music, or life experiences. The purpose of it is to promote creative synergy throughout the city. You have the stage and whatever you feel needs to be let go of you do so on the stage. The only requirement is that you come with an open mind and respect the individuals on stage.


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