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MC Poets & New Immigration Symposium

The MC community is excited to announce that LCW Residents Keyla Rodriguez & Tim McGhee are leading a writing & performance poetry workshop series at MC geared toward giving teens an opportunity to voice their perspectives on identity, culture, transformation and the struggles, challenges and triumphs of both pre and post immigration experiences.  Through a powerful mix of writing, media production and spoken word performances, they are collectively giving voice to the stories of immigrant families and the youth who carry the memories of calling more than one place “home”.

Their work has recently been accepted at the Lawrence History Center and will be shared as part of the New Immigration Symposium on April 5th, 2014.

Congrats to Keyla, Tim and the MC members leading this project!  We’re all looking forward to seeing how it comes together over the next couple of months.  

Check out the Vibe for more info and see what else is happening around MC.


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