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MC Homework Help, College Fair, Can Drive & More

We kicked off the week with academic support & college prep activities lead by MC Coordinator Claudia Tavarez.  (Click Image to View Full Post)

Juniors & Seniors had a chance to attend the Boys & Girls Club college fair.  They spent an afternoon getting informed about several colleges of interest and receiving important guide lines from our partners at Uaspire on how to fill out Financial Aid applications.

Also, with support from our Merrimack College tutor (Danielle) and in-house creative instructors, the MC community power-hour homework sessions are up and running again.  Tuesday-Thursday between 3pm & 4pm, MC members receive focused help from staff, instructors and volunteers to complete homework assignments on time.

Please note that beginning November 14th, Movement City will be hosting  NEW 3 hour study hall sessions from 4-7pm EVERY MONDAY!

All MC Members are invited to take advantage of this extra academic support in a quiet, productive learning environment lead by Movement City Alumni, staff & community volunteers.

Community Announcements:

Please drop of canned goods at Our House Campus to help support MC members of Esperanza Academy in their initiative to help feed families in need over the upcoming holiday.

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